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"Japan, at the edge of explosion"


In L'Esprit du Judo n°43, we look at, in depth, the crisis that has engulfed Japanese judo, here are the main articles translated in English.

The violence which is now sweeping the Japanese judo grips the heart. Blinded by the light of the scandal, defeated and despised, for compelling reasons (even if the accumulation of facts has sparked a hysterical response), Japanese judo has been treated like a criminal, and there are reasons to weep ... This is not, of course, for the men, faces bathed in sweat, trying to answer questions that were not asked before, that we pity. All media scandal has its share of injustice but  when the floodgates open, the situation quickly gets out of hand. But too bad for them if they failed to foresee, failed to rise to the height of their responsibilities. Haruki Uemura and his team -  they represent the sporting dimension and the general culture of discipline, the Federation and the Kodokan.
The whole of judo, performance and message mixed together in the eyes of the world as the the Japanese see it. How did they get there? Powerless and overwhelmed governance, humiliated and bitter fighters - on the day of its failure in London, we interviewed Fukumi whose memory is still poignant for us - loss of subsidy, public mistrust and institutions, degraded image. What hurts is to feel how these events have confirmed for many Japanese that judo is not worth the trouble. An image so far from what we hold here, we who are not Japanese, it is devasting. If, at this moment,we prefer judo over the Japanese it is because the hope for progress and enjoyment of the discipline, dignity and freedom of choice, in a framework of mutual respect and autonomy, are elements of our "personal history" of French judoka. It is,also, time to say that the Japanese judo is composed of admirable and admired
 men and women.
There is in Japan all the intelligence of the heart and mind required to quickly recover from this disaster. There is all the control and depth required. The big picture shows that, if Japanese society sometimes has trouble with “upstream” access, it is remarkably able to react rapidly and  rise above the unexpected disaster. Two things give us hope for the future. First and foremost, because the essential remains: the body shape. Ebinuma or Matsumoto, Ono Yamamoto, continue to perpetuate the miracle. At this level, Japan has no lessons to learn from anyone. And while a copy of the most nearly perfect shape remains, nothing will be lost. Finally, because they still have Jigoro Kano. Often mentioned, sometimes disregarded, the Japanese "Yoda" watching us from his portrait has not had his last word. Jigoro Kano ripped the old jujitsu from the dying world, reconciling through judo, the excellence of the past and the concerns of the current world. He tore Japanese martial arts from nationalism and gave the world an instrument of universality, a world heritage of high culture. Judo was revolutionary, it still is. The Japanese organization failed (temporarily ) because it forgot this.

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